Hello world!

23 Nov

Introducing the brand new book, Defeat Fear Forever. If you’ve spent most of your life afraid, now is the time to change. Now is your chance to finally get the victory and have the peace you’ve always wanted. Now, you can finally have your dreams come true and even see those things you didn’t dare dream happen. It’s real. Read my book and see for yourself. For a free sample check out

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  1. christinacli

    November 23, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Writing a book has been a crazy ride. As I wrote each chapter, I preached it to the prisoners at the Federal Medical Center here. I figured that would give me the best feedback. Their response was great. I also let other friends and family read it as well. Anyway, it’s funny, now that the writing is done, it seems the hard part is here! I’ve learned how to format it for an e-book (at and how to put it into print through Amazon. It’s great having the technology to do these things, but it’s a little scary to actually put my book out there. My goal is ultimately to help others get the same victory I’ve gotten. Praise the Lord for His timing. The ride is just starting and, unlike a roller-coaster, I’m not sure where I’ll come out in the end. I’m sure it’ll be some place amazing!


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