Let It Snow!

09 Dec

Here in Minne’snow’a, it’s looking a lot like a white Christmas. Just driving down the street is an adventure! A lot of prayer goes on behind the wheel at this time of year, whether people will admit it or not!

I don’t really like the cold, but I do see the amazing beauty in the snow. Though it can be terribly cold and even deadly, God has made it lovely to look upon.

I think of the snow as holding a lot of hidden secrets. Though this is a ‘dead’ time of year, when the ground is frozen and the grass is buried, there is still the promise of spring, buried beneath the snow. In fact, here in Minnesota, we need the snow for our crops. All that water, from melted snow in spring, makes for some amazing soil.

Many things in this life can be looked at the same way. If we stop to look beneath the surface, we will be amazed by the secrets we discover. I’ve often found that to be true with people as well. If we just simply take the time to listen, and be truly interested, we will be amazed by the things we can learn.

This Christmas, take the time to sit with an elderly person or a child or anyone in between and ask them a few questions. Then, listen, really listen to what they have to say. Their answers may be quite surprising!

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