What Ever Happened to Miracles?

14 Jan

We as twenty-first century Christians are an interesting lot. In many of the major denominations, we don’t see miracles very often anymore. We can’t say, “Silver and gold have I none…” However, neither do we say, “but such as I have give I you. In the name of Jesus Christ, stand up and walk!” Why is this? Is it because we in the 21st century don’t need God so much anymore? We have become so self-sustaining that we fail to realize our desperate need for help beyond ourselves. Man, by himself, can accomplish amazing things. Yet, we still cannot raise the dead or cure many forms of cancer. We still cannot cure the most basic problem of humanity, our need for forgiveness, the problem of sin. We still have war, famine, disease, and the list goes on.

Yet, there are churches who still practice the entire Bible, including the book of Acts, miracles and all. These churches don’t shy away from passages in the Bible that they don’t understand. They don’t come in with their own theology and manipulate Scripture to agree. They look honestly at what the Bible actually says and ask the Lord to help them understand and apply it. As they willingly change their theology (or throw it out completely) to fit what the Bible says, they grow nearer to its Author. Oh yes, and they see miracles, just like Jesus promised, “These signs and greater shall you do in my Name…”  

I was blessed enough to join one of these churches. They do exist–across our nation and across our world. In these services, Jesus is very real and that is exactly what this world needs. We are so tired of rules and tradition for tradition’s sake. We want something real. Rules and tradition are not in themselves wrong, but if they don’t configure with what the Bible actually says, they need to change. We need to be willing to change. Which will we hang onto? What we know and understand? Or the very God who created and knows us better than we know ourselves? Walking with Jesus is not something that is predictable. It’s very much a new adventure every day. However, in a world full of fakes and smoke and mirrors, Jesus is very, very real.

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