Knowing God and Doing Exploits

27 Jan

“The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits,” Daniel 11:32 (KJV).

When I think of exploits, I think of brave souls on great adventures. Yet, in Daniel’s case, he didn’t seek to go on any great adventure, it was rather thrust upon him. What ended up happening was he had to make a decision, one that could very well cost him his life. Worship the king or die. For Daniel, this was no choice at all. There was one God and one God only that he would worship, that is Jehovah–Jesus.

I wonder if Daniel thought himself brave. He had been through so much, captured by a conquering army, forced to travel far from home and all he knew, pressured to conform or die. Yet, in all of that, he remained true to his God. He never wavered. This, bedrock loyalty, is an exploit all by itself.

“Great souls walk near enough to God so that He imparts to them His great heart throbs of truth. He leads them into all truth,” –Dutton. I think that was Daniel’s secret. He walked so closely to his God that he knew God’s very heart. That enabled him to take a stand for his God and be willing to go to the lion’s den without screaming or crying or begging for mercy. Daniel did indeed seek the Lord and walk very close to Him. 

I’m learning that walking closely with Jesus is a daily habit to cultivate. Because I can’t see Him, it’s easy to forget He’s there–to my shame. I may not be able to see Him, but I can feel His very real presence. I can share my life with Him and press close to His heart.

I want to learn to walk with Him the way Daniel did, and David, and John, his disciple. It’s about loving the One who created love. It is a grand adventure, indeed, filled with exploits. No regrets. Every day is a new chance to press closer, to love better, to learn to be…more like Him.

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