Book Review: The King Will Make a Way by: Lee Giles

09 Mar

I just finished reading this book by Lee Giles. It’s set in the middle ages in a small village. It follows Gabe, a boy of ten years up until he is around seventeen. The bad guy is Vulpine, who circulates the rumor that the true King is dead. This is all done in order to become king, himself.

Gabe spends three years sneaking up the King’s hill and sitting at His feet, learning His law and His love. Meanwhile, Vulpine is slowly but surely gaining more and more control over the village. Soon, it becomes illegal to sing the King’s song or teach the King’s law. Eventually, Vulpine takes over the entire village and starts imprisoning people. However, Gabe starts telling others about the true King and more and more people start listening to him. Soon, the conflict between Vulpine and Gabe come to a head. The explosion is something to see!

The only thing I, personally, didn’t like was the fact that Gabe was the only one who saw, spoke to, and sat with the King. Yet, he was the only one who wanted to. (There’s a lesson in that all by itself!) Other than that, I liked the story. The main theme, ‘the King will make a way’ was beautiful throughout.

The story is very well written. When I find myself starting to care about the characters, the writer has done her job! This story makes you think. Other themes included ‘seeking the King’, ‘knowing His law’, and the fact that ‘He is coming back at any time’. I look forward to other works by this author.

The King Will Make a Way is available at in paperback and kindle versions.

***FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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