Book Review: Beauty or the Beast by: Ruth Rieder

04 May

Beauty or the Beast  by: Ruth Rieder

Like it or not, in this world, we are judged by how we look. Those who are considered ‘pretty’ are rewarded, whether they deserve it or not, and those who are considered ‘not as pretty’ are often punished. In response to the world’s ideas of beauty, often women (and men) fall into the trap of seeking after everything they can in order to make themselves beautiful by the world’s standards. This can even be at the expense of their health. This book addresses those issues.

Author Ruth Rieder (now Harvey) speaks of her own painful childhood and how she dealt with rejection and even ridicule growing up. While this book discusses eating disorders, it delves deep into how the beauty culture is affecting women today. She shares her own personal struggles with these influences. She also talks about God’s beauty ideal and how we can not only seek after that, but achieve and sustain it in our lives today.

This is truly a powerful book. I think every woman, young and old, should get a copy and read it.

This book is available on Amazon kindle and in paperback at the Pentecostal Publishing House


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