Defeat Fear Forever  by: Christina Li

Do you suffer from fear? Do you feel like your dreams will never come true because of your fears? Are you afraid of failure, success, sickness, job loss, financial troubles, death? Defeat Fear Forever addresses those very issues in nine progressive chapters. Warning: Don’t buy this book if you are not willing to change the way you think and act. Don’t buy this book if you are not truly willing to do what it takes to defeat fear–for real and forever. There are things in this book that will more than likely challenge what you have always been taught. However, if you are willing to apply the messages in this book to your own life, you will start to see victory. You will even start to see miracles. What are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s time for some real change?

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Annie’s Adventures: The Chemistry Calamity  by: Christina Li

 Annie is a ten-year-old homeschool girl who decides to find the perfect project for the local Science Fair. After several false starts and even a few disasters, Annie and her sister, Merri, think they’ve finally figured out the perfect project. Will they complete it in time? What will the judges think? Read and see!

This book is a ‘day in the life’ of a homeschool family using the Unit Study approach. At the end, the author gives a book list (used in this Unit Study) as well as several hints and tips on teaching your own Unit Studies at home using items you probably already have or can get easily through your local library!

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An Evil Agenda  by: Charlotte Pound

“An Evil Agenda” is an insightful, Bible-based story of endtime spiritual warfare. From the scriptures we know that Satan goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour…He seeks to destroy the dearest thing to the heart of God—His Church—the Bride of Christ. In the story, Satan targets the saints from three individual churches—sending depression, temptation and delusion. The author vividly describes the struggle of flesh against spirit, as the Christian characters battle their own personal desires, their conscience and demon forces. It is the ultimate tale of good versus evil.

This novel is a captivating blend of drama, suspense, and end-time spiritual warfare-the ultimate battle of good versus evil. Written from a Christian perspective, this story gives insight into intrinsic beliefs and values based on God’s Word. The tale is meant to be entertaining and thought provoking. With a glimpse into the spirit world, human frailty and divine providence, it is an adventure for the believer and unbeliever alike.

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He’ll Do It Again  by: Charlotte Pound

Can’t we all use a faith booster? If you want to build your faith, this book offers plenty of reasons to expect blessings from our unchanging Lord. Pound gives us poignant looks at familiar Bible stories, accounts of modern-day miracles, and the author’s own testimony of God’s provision. She brings clear perception to some perplexing questions, like: `Is God a respecter of persons?’ `Does He favor one of His children more than another?’ She declares, ‘He is God and He changes not! If He answered prayers and worked miracles for one He will do it again for another!’

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 What Kids Pray  by: Nancy Watrud

“What Kids Pray” is a window into the author’s endeavor to teach her very young Sunday school students about prayer. Nancy became concerned when she noticed a trend. Her students didn’t know what to pray or even how to pray. She became determined to include a time focused on prayer as a part of every class. “What Kids Pray” chronicles some of the strategies the author uses to teach children about prayer. In this book, Nancy shares some of the student’s unique and often humorous responses. This time of learning and practicing prayer became precious to the author and a testimony as to, “What Kids Pray”.

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We Stand Together  by: Sonya Noble

Pariah is the only true outcast in an army of fururistic super clones. This is the story where she becomes a part of a team, battles an enemy that consumes and destroys everything in its path, and discovers what it really means to stand by your family and never give up. Get ready for an adventure that will take you to a whole new world.

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