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Book Review: What Kids Pray by: Nancy Watrud

What Kids Pray by: Nancy Watrud

This is a lovely book that goes beyond “Now I lay me down to sleep…” As a veteran Sunday School Teacher, Nancy has heard it all. In this book she talks about all of the cute things that children pray as well as some of the more distressing things that children face today. She gives ideas for helping children to pray out loud and in front of others. She also has suggestions on how to deal with everything from shyness to over-active imaginations.

I think this would be a nice addition to anyone’s home library, especially those who work with children. Nancy gives ideas for teaching in general, not just Sunday School. It’s a very short book, but very sweet.

Available in paperback and as an e-book (kindle, etc). 

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***FTC Disclosure:  This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was given, all opinions are my own***

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Book Review: Seeds of Jochebed by Kim Haney

I’ve been using this book as a devotional with my children at the start of school every morning. She does an amazing job of making difficult concepts understandable, yet still challenging–even for adults. She encourages a deeper walk with the Lord from the earliest of ages.

One of her devotionals is about ‘ugly hands’ and tells the story of a mother whose hands were badly scared. She had put her baby girl down for a nap and gone outside for just a few moments. Somehow, a fire started in the house. When she tried to rush in to save her baby, a fireman held her back. Finally, using supernatural strength, she broke free from the fireman and ran into the house to rescue her baby. She did manage to get the child, but the mother’s hands were horribly burned and crippled. Her little child was just fine. One day, many years later, her daughter asked her why her hands were so ugly. She then told the story of the fire and her little one’s rescue. “Mommy, I think your hands are the most beautiful hands in the whole world!” the child exclaimed.

I cried as I read that story to the children. The author goes on to say that Jesus’ hands were also horribly scared for our sakes. To think that someone would love me that much. My own son asked if I would rush into a burning house for him. I told him, of course. Love doesn’t really think about the sacrifice. I love my child more than my hands. I might mourn their loss later on, but he is so much more precious. My Jesus loves me (and you too!) in just the same way. He still bears those scars as He rules and reigns to this day.

I highly recommend Seeds of Jochebed. There are many more great devotionals and stories in this book, enough to last from September through May if you wish to follow the school year calendar. They are also useful for teaching Sunday School lessons or a Wednesday evening children’s church.  

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