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Free eBook!

Sonya Noble’s book, Monster: 1, is available for free Friday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Oct 21 on It’s a great book from a terrific new author!

Monster: 1

New place. New town. New life.

Cami misses her home. She misses her friends. Making new friends is no problem, but they’re guarding some dangerous secrets.

Then she starts showing signs of being like them. She’s kicked out of her home and they take her in. But some of her new housemates are either jealous or afraid of her, and she’s framed for something that she didn’t do.

She leaves and tries to make it out on her own. The streets are dangerous, but it’s better than dealing with backstabbers and people terrified of what she might become.

Her past keeps coming back to haunt her. Something her unstable mother called her still sticks with her and won’t stop screaming at her: Monster.

Is she really a monster?

Here’s a little about Sonya Noble, herself:

As you can probably tell, I’m a teenaged home schooled author. I’m the oldest of five, and my mom has homeschooled us all since I was, well, in preschool.

Yes, school is a walk in the park, if that walk is at night in Western Chicago.

So, I have loved making up stories since I was little. First, it started as playing one of the best games in the world: Pretend. What grown-ups see: A backyard, a few trees, some sticks and a swing-set. What we see?  We’re a group of ninjas with guns and light sabers, on a mission to kill the Evil Lord of Hades and free the land from His Evilness, but we must first go through the Perilous Lands that will test our abilities and hide from his Evil Minions in the Trees of Safety!

And then when I found out that I could actually write this stuff down on paper, they evolved into something even better.

Now, I’m not saying that every story I ever wrote was this amazing masterpiece that people would one day call ‘The Next Hunger Games’ or ‘Even Better than Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings!’ but they did get better.

So. Being a writer is also a walk in the park, except you actually have to walk through that Western Chicago park in the middle of the night. In your mind.

And being a homeschooled author…well, I need something to occupy all of my time, right?


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Funnix Reading (Curriculum Review)

Funnix Reading

This program is amazing. I received a free copy and have been using it for my two youngest children. My little girl is in level 1 and my little boy is in level 2. I am so happy with it. The kids both love it. (My little girl is doing two lessons a day!) Most importantly, however, is that they are both learning. The program works!

The authors are the same as for the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. The differences between this and the book are:

–Funnix is a computer program. There are workbooks and readers used, but the primary lessons are on the DVD’s. The directions are easy to follow and the graphics are great, not too busy, but fun and interesting.

–Parent involvement is fairly minimal. The computerized ‘teacher’ guides the child in the lessons, helping them to answer questions. The voice is very pleasant and encouraging. However, the parent or teacher does need to monitor the child to be sure he is actually answering the questions, understanding the lessons, and doing the work (not just pushing the ‘continue’ button!).

–Level 1 has a workbook (necessary, but purchased separately), and level 2 a reader (also necessary and purchased separately). Both are very well designed and help with reading practice and writing practice. The pictures are nice to color too!

–The book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, gets your child up to a second grade reading level. Funnix Reading gets your child up to a third grade reading level. There are more lessons in Funnix, 120 in Level 1 and 100 lessons in Level 2.

–The price is slightly higher than the book, but for what you get, it’s worth it! I took a look at their site to see how much their products cost and was amazed at how low it all was. The DVD’s are $25. Level 1 workbook is $7.50 and Level 2 reader is $10. Total cost is $42.50. Frankly, I think it’s a steal.

All in all, this program is what I’ve been looking for. The pressure is off me to make sure I get everything ‘right’, I know my kids are learning to read, it’s painless (for all of us), and even fun. I highly recommend this resource.

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