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What’s a Meaningful Christmas?

What really means the most at Christmas time? Like most people, I like presents, but what’s really important, truly memorable, truly meaningful, this time of year? The answer to that question is actually quite  simple: I’m looking the most forward to spending time with my family. I’m looking forward to slowing down for a few days and just relaxing with my husband and children and extended family. I’ll probably put in a little bit of work time, but I don’t have to. The kids enjoy not having school for two weeks! I want to spend some time playing with them and just being together. They’re only going to be under our roof for so long. I want to cherish this time we have together and have our extended family share in that. I want my children to learn how to treasure time with other people, knowing they won’t always be there as well as showing my kids that time with them is a treasure to me too.

There’s a story in the Bible of two women named Mary and Martha. One day, Jesus came over to visit. While Martha was in the kitchen trying to make everything perfect and getting all stressed out, Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet, enjoying His company. When Martha tried to get Mary to come and help her, Jesus said that Mary had chosen well in what she was doing.

There are many preparations at Christmas time and it’s easy to let ourselves get stressed out, but we don’t have to. We can slow down and sit at Jesus’ feet for a little while. We can walk with Him, at a steady pace and enjoy this time of the year. I’m glad that we don’t have to go it alone at Christmas time or any time of the year.

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